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Steven Kowalczuk, a.k.a The Cocktail Chef, was born as raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where as a 15 year old he learned how to make pizzas for a downtown pizza shoppe and became a highly skilled pizza spinner within a short time. Not to mention by age 19 (1988), a manager of the top independent pizza chains of the late 80's. Kowalczuk accepted his first serving job in 1990 for now defunked Chi Chi's of Pittsburgh. His cocktail career didn't kick off until 1993 in Pittsburgh's Famous Southside nightclubs Nick's Fat City, Marios,  and Blue Lou's before moving to Atlanta, GA. in 1996 to bartend during the Olympics. As the premiere city of the south with continuous growth since the world watched the event, Atlanta proved to be the perfect testing ground for the chef's cutting edge creations. Soon to be one of Atlanta top cocktail designers, Kowalczuk worked with both Buckhead Life Restaurant Group and  Concentrics Hospitality at many of their famous Atlanta concepts where he was repeatedly hailed as one of the top mixologists in the city. Kowalczuk's award winning work has been featured in print, on the web and even television with National Restaurant News, Nightclub & Bar Magazine, InStyle magazine, and Pittsburgh Today Live.  A highlight of Kowalczuk's career was being chosen as one of the Top 100 mixologists in the U.S. for the Grand Marnier Mixology Summit hosted in Vail Colorado, both 2008 & 2009.
In the later part of 2008, with over 20 years in the industry, education became a main focus for Kowalczuk so he created the wildly popular educational series entitled the Art of Mixology in which he teaches aspiring mixologists from all over the country how to mix gourmet libations like the professionals. Even with all that on his plate, in early 2010, Kowalczuk found himself standing in a 600 person line on a rainy day in Atlanta to have the chance to appear on a season one Masterchef with Gordon Ramsay. Steven left for Los Angeles shortly after that to film the hugely popular show where he was eliminated in the first round of competition going from 50 to 20 remaining chefs. After the show aired in late 2010, Kowalczuk started to focus on helping the failing restaurants of Pittsburgh. He decided to apply the many long years of employment with some of the Atlanta's top restaurants as well as countless hours spent managing a wide variety of concepts to work and to create a service that would be a solution for the small or large business owner that is confused, lost, depressed, and quite frankly fed up with all the BS. It's not easy owning a restaurant these days. Especially is you have to rely on the skill of random employees to guide you through the process. Cocktail Chef has been a crucial part of over 25 opening teams for various independent and corporate restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. He's here to help and will isolate your trouble spots, seek out solutions, and help to eliviate your problems.