Cocktail Chef

Are you in need of a 
Restaurant Rescue?

As a 30 year restaurant professional, I've seen them come and go.
All types of concepts, all types of fantastic ideas. 
When it comes down to the dream vs the day to day of a poorly running restaurant,
you lose faith that things will be ok.
It just seems to get worse and worse,
you know have less and less,
your quality of life, SUCKS.

You ask yourself: Why is it not working?
Why are we not making money?
Why did the bar manager or chef quit and who is going to take there place?
Why is no one coming in?
How long can this go on?
What are we going to do?...

We understand all too well.
Here's what you're going to do. 
Decide to fight or quit.
How much money do we have to commit to this recovery?
Are we going to quit in the next couple months?
Fight or quit?
If you want to FIGHT....
click this Cocktail Chef button:

Who We Are

As a 30 year restaurant professional, Cocktail Chef offers independent bar & restaurant owners/managers affordable assistance with new restaurant openings as well as makeovers for established businesses. Interestingly, a large number of new restaurant/bar owners have never owned or worked in a restaurant prior to the current venture.Unfortunately, tens of thousands of dollars are spent without ever consulting restaurant professionals. This can be a costly mistake for a large number of new restaurant owners. 

Many inexperienced owners and managers are also greatly unaware of the value of qualified staff. These owners, in most cases, just don't understand that the FOH (Front of House) staff is on the front lines of your business. If you don't take care of your staff, your business will suffer, guests won't come back and your restaurant will struggle to maintain market share. Bad service = no guests. Success in the bar industry has more to do with your staff than it does the decor, which is one of the biggest mistakes made. In this case, "build it and they will come" only works for the first visit. Good service is what will bring them back again and again.

[we are not afflicated with any other restaurant rescue business or website]

Cocktail Chef Consulting

Service, Food, & Drink Evaluation

An overview of your current situation is needed to isolate any and all issues

Staff Training 

Menu Creation

It all starts with a well trained staff. The more training, the more sales. The more sales, the less likely you are to fail.
A great menu for both food and cocktails is one of the most important element in a guest experience.

Who We Work With

Meet The Team
  1. Steven Kowalczuk
    The Cocktail Chef
  2. Randi Strunk
    Systems Developer
  3. "The Informant"
    Secret Shopper
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